History in the Making

…usually starts with geography!

Here I attempt to explain how I approach re-processing my multi-layered interests and experiences – often uncovered when having a charmingly vague walkabout

A location, text or image fires up my imagination. I utilise the power and eloquence of the stimulus as the springboard for historical, cultural and non-linear investigations.

This emotional response to place and culture has a grown-up name: Psychogeography

Psychogeography explores how we feel about a location or experience and the often hidden, historical and geographical forces that shape the space. Dig where you stand!

It means exploring locations and experiences in more personalised, less pressurised, more creative ways.

I seek to construct my own new thoughts, to remix and mediate the experience, and illuminate through documents, archives, literary texts, mixed media and hand-crafted items.

By necessity my work results in unfinished and unresolved inventories of fragments: thoughts, photos, collage and ephemera. This archive is an inherent and visible part of the process.  

The projects often share common themes focusing on disruption or hardship and where ordinary people find themselves in extraordinary situations.

For every single man
Is a world which is born
And which dies with him.
Beneath every gravestone
Lies a world’s history.

Heinrich Heine        Reisebilder/Pictures of Travel 1830